Costumed revelers march with floats in the annual Dream Parade on October 19, 2013, in Taipei, Taiwan.
Festivals are thrown by all sorts of communities, big and small. Some festivals derive from religions while others come from diverse ethnic groups. Festivals often have food, art displays, and music. There are smaller festivals for specific interest groups, but there are larger festivals, like the Sundance Film Festival and Lollapalooza, that can draw in thousands of people.

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Closeup of pinacolada drink in the fresh coconut
So what’s a Caribana? Caribana is held in Toronto every summer, and it’s a festival that celebrates Caribbean culture. I used to live in Canada, and this was definitely one of my most favorite events to go to. Last year there were over a million visitors! It’s lots of fun—my favorite part is the parade. You get to see steel drum bands and brightly colored costumes. Read the rest of this site to see what kinds of entertainment you can expect at a festival.